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Patricia Scanlan
Are we supposed to send you the answers to the above form or is this for our own record?
I have the polycystic liver disease as well as the kidney disease. I carry about 20 litres of water in the cysts and when the pain gets really bad, I go into the hospital and have them drained. They usually take off about 2 litres of fluid which helps the pressure on the rest of my organs. Lungs, stomach, intestine are all compromised because of the size of the liver.
I experience extreme fatigue, lots of pain in legs and back, diverticulitis, swelling, headaches. The kidney transplant means I am on anti rejection drugs for the rest of my life. I have a very limited immune system because of these drugs. The transplant was 10 years ago and for at least five years before it I was always tired. I have high blood pressure, again controlled by prescription drugs. I take Tylenol when I can't stand the pain but I don't like doing that and I don't do it often. My pain goes from 5 to 8 with sometimes a 10. I have a massage every two weeks, I swim, I walk, don't rest enough. Will try the 11 minute breaks; that sounds interesting. My life has become very depressing. I used to be a person who had tons of energy and could accomplish a lot in a day. Now, just cleaning one room in the house is a day long affair with me having to sit and regroup for up to 1/2 hour. I am lucky because I have a husband who is supportive but I feel a lot of guilt when I see him doing things I should/could be able to do. I imagine being able to play with my grandchildren, I imagine spending more time with family, I imagine being able to keep the house clean and tidy, I imagine not dragging myself out of bed in the mornings. I imagine not being depressed by all this stuff. If I could get my life to an even 3 or 4 I would be happy. I would also like to be able to gracefully accept the things I can't do and be happy with the things I can do.
Arjan Khalsa
Hi Patricia, My apologies,.... I just saw your message here. It sounds like you've been experiencing quite a few 'health challenges'. Where are you in the 'Roadmap' course now? Have you been able to put into practice some of the tools? I'm hoping that you've been able to use some of them and wondering how you're doing at this point? Please keep me posted. You may also go to the FB group.... I check that more often and can help you through a bit.