I made these courses for you because I know how hard it is, once we're in a pain cycle, or fatigued, or ridden with that anxiety or depression, how to take the first step. I don't believe that the mainstream medical system is designed, nor do they have the time, to spend on educating you on how to empower you to heal yourself....

About Dr Arjan's Courses

True health is about teaching yourself about what kind of mindset you need to have to heal. What foods to eat to revitalize and nourish your cells and organs and detoxify your body. How to move and sleep and drink so that you can rejuvenate your brain and get your lymphatic system to jump start and boost your immune system. 

Every one of my courses is designed to help you take the first step to get on your way, and then I lead you along the path so that, before you know it, you're already implementing good habits to heal yourself, naturally!

I've taken the 'X' factor out of the question so that you can stop spending time on figuring out what to do and how to do it, and spend your time,instead, making the actual changes that help you heal, starting with the first day you're ready to start. 

Each course gives you an A to Z plan to guide you from where to start and then gives you the information to empower yourself to do your own self-healing.